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I went from being unemployed at 37 to building a Multimillion POUND ORGANISATION.

Born from a vision and built with a passion. A business
started with my wife Claire with money borrowed from a friend.

My story is a true "Rags to Riches" that will Inspire anyone INTO ACTION, it doesn't take a special person, just a special effort!
Who can try harder? We all can, the key is to work hard on the right things I can show you what they are...

I'm asked to write articles about success

I've been featured in many newspapers and magazines and have been described by many as an INSPIRATION! I guess to have gone from Rags to Riches twice! To overcome the adversity in my life, if we can, YOU CAN is a powerful message to share.

I'm a normal working class Geordie guy from the tough end of town.

I embarrassingly left school without a single qualification to my name, not something I'm particularly proud of. However it's testimony to the fact that if you want to be successful you can be. I've come to realise that success is a matter of choice and not chance.

My Business in the last 36 months has turned over in excess of £9.7 Million, something that I'm very proud of.

Now in the top 5% of earners in the UK I know what it feels like to be a TOP ACHIEVER, and I've been asked to do talks all over the world at company events sharing the secrets of success.

No stranger to motivational speaking, and sometimes in front of crowds upwards of 5000 people, at venues such as the NIA in Birmingham, what a magnificent feeling that is.

My style is motivational, my material is practical, and the message is very powerful 'SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES' delivered from the heart in a memorable and inspiring way that starts YOU BELIEVING IN YOU! You will come to realise that theirs nothing magical or mysterious about SUCCESS, simply a set of timeless principles that anyone can follow.

My Goal is simple: To help YOU achieve yours!

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